Service Dogs can help many people. Some uses for service dogs include: PTSD, Anxiety, Seizure Alert, Insulin Alert, Autism, Mobility Disorders, Depression and more. One of the most important things that service dogs do for a person in need is to give them confidence and make them feel comfortable in public. One recipient of a service dog said, “It has given me my life back”. A dog does something different for every need but a service dog improves the life of anyone in need.

Some of the things Service Dogs are trained to do include:

  • To stand in specific positions to give a handler confidence in public
  • Alert the handler to remove them from any situation that maybe causing them stress. This allows the handler to leave that environment before the stress is heightened.
  • Alert a handle of a seizure or insulin levels. This time is crucial for example, to allow the handler to get into a safe environment or to regulate their blood sugars. This gives the handler confidence in public, knowing that they have a dog to alert them in time before anything happens.
  • Relax and calm down heightened emotions
  • Aid in walking
  • Aid in everyday life. They can perform activities like retrieving keys, shoes, load laundry etc.

Service Dogs are in training for up to two years and accumulate many costs during that time including food, vet care, training equipment etc. My goal is to make Service Dogs as accessible as possible to people in need.

If you do not have a dog that has started basic training yet and a medical professional has determined it can benefit you, my very prestigious behaviour evaluations can determine the best match as well as develop a training program to get the most out of your new partner.

If you would would like more information about Service Dogs and how you could have one, the first step of the process is sending me an e-mail with:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • location
  • Age and number of people living in your household
  • Description of your lifestyle
  • Description on how you believe a service dog could help you
  • What your goals are