Positive Prints provides training for all dogs!
Any size, age and breed are welcome!

I started training dogs because I had a “problem dog” myself and needed some help. My dog didn’t listen, I thought we were doing okay, she knew how to sit and lay down and maybe a trick or two but she jumped on the counters, would eat anything possible, and she barked, a lot! I found an educacted trainer, worked really hard with my dog, and she loved it! My dog and I bridged our communication gap and she finally understood what I was trying to say and became a much better behaved companion. I transformed a dog that rarely listened (because she didn’t understand) to a dog that starting winning every Rally-Obedience show she entered.

Through the amazing transformation I achieved with my Beagle, I started working for the trainer that helped me with my beagle and my dog training journey hasn’t stopped since. My education and training includes a Bachelors of Science with an Animal Science major, Specialty in Dog Aggression, I am certified in Operant Conditioning, reading and understanding dog behaviour, family dog problem solving and service dogs training. I am a science based trainer, using positive reinforcement. Not only are my methods proven to work, they are also so much fun! Being a science based trainer my learning is never done, I am always continuing my education to get the absolute best results!

I have 10+ years of successfully training multiple species in many disciplines.

I am here to offer help you learn how to train your dog.

I really enjoy basic obedience and training but I have a passion for helping “problem dogs”.

If you:

  • Have a brand new puppy and want to get off to the right start
  • Have a older dog that could use a refresher
  • Have a dog that just needs the mental stimulation and exercise
  • Have a dog with a behaviour problem
  • Have a desire to do dog sports

I can help you!  Get started as soon as possible to get the best results and to better the relationship you have with your dog. On top of my education and experience, I truly understand what it feels like to need help.