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I am very excited to be hosting our first CARO RALLY OBEDIENCE TRIAL Wednesday November 15th at Rolling Gate Farms 3431 Eaton Road, Dorchester, ON, Canada, Ontario. First Novice Round will Start at 5:20PM. All classes being Judged by Whitney Shaver. Limited Trial! Entries will be caped. Day of entries accepted if limit is not reached before. Qualifying Score ribbons and Title Ribbons will be available.

To enter please fill out the Trial Form document below as well as the Rolling Gate Waiver. Send the forms and payment to Entry is not accepted until payment is received. If Email is not your strong suit documents can be mailed to 52220 Vienna Line, Port Burwell, N0J1T0, Ontario Canada. Cheques can be made payable to Whitney Shaver.


Course Maps Nov 15, 2023 PDF[32074]

November 15th, 2023 Entry Form

Rolling Gate Waiver

November 15th Running Order

This is a titling event under CARO rules and regulations. CARO is open to all dogs being at least six (6) montl of age, including purebred and mixed breeds, except bitches in season or dogs with injuries or illnesses which may cause the dog pain or great discomfort, or dogs exhibiting signs of aggression that threaten the safety of other dogs or humans. For more information go to

Notice to Competitors – General Information

The trial will be run in accordance with CARO rules and regulations – a judge will hold a briefing immediately before the event begins

An officiating Judge, and/or the Chairperson of the trial, may dismiss from the trial site any person subjecting the Judge or members or the organizing committee to abuse, whether that person is competing in the trial or not.

There shall be no refunds for entries withdrawn after the closing date, or in the event a dog and/or handler are dismissed from competition, regardless or the reason for such dismissal. However refunds will be issued for dogs that come into heat, provided a veterinarian’s certificate is received by the Trial Secretary prior to the trial. Overpayments under $ 10 will not be refunded.

Physically challenged handlers and dogs are encouraged to participate. Modifications of the course for both handler and dog are permitted, at the judge’s discretion. All requests for modifications to a course must accompany the Entry Form (registration form) for the trial. The request should be in writing and should explain the handicap, a description of the physical challenges involved and of the modifications requested. For more information please see the Competitors Corner section in the MGH. 

Dogs can be shown on a flat buckle, snap collar or fixed harness. No choke, martingale, prong or shock collars, head halters, moving harnesses, muzzles or extendable leashes are allowed. Leashes should be made of fabric or leather and be long enough to provide adequate slack. Dogs at the advanced, excellent or versatility level are not required to compete with a collar. All dogs in all classes must enter and exit with a collar and lead.

Food as a reward is allowed at the Novice and Advanced A/B level only, but cannot be used as a lure to help the dog complete an exercise. Handlers who plan to use food as a reward should follow the rules as outlined in the Master General Handbook. No Active Toys Allowed (Clickers, lasers or squeak toys).

Facilities: The event will be held indoors. NOT HEATED- DRESS Accordantly facility on dirt.  Please pick up after your dog! Dogs must be on leash when not in the ring, no extendable leashes permitted on the property. NO SMOKING, VAPING OR CANNABIS on the property.

Please bring a crate, due to Insurance Liability NO dog can be left unattended not in a crate. Please remember.